Key Local Partnerships


Working together


Public Services Board (PSB)

The role of PSB is to coordinate and initiate partnership working between the public, private and voluntary sectors for the benefit of Flintshire people and communities. The PSB includes senior officers from all those sectors and a representative from the Welsh Government. The PSB is responsible for producing and reviewing the Well Being Plan for Flintshire. The FLVC Chief Officer sits on the PSB and is the main contact.

Voluntary Sector Compact

The Compact is a three-way partnership between the Local Authority, the Health Board and the Voluntary Sector. The aim of the Compact is to ensure that the role of the voluntary sector is properly understood by public services and that opportunities to work in partnership are exploited. The Compact also oversees the implementation of the Funding Code which aims to ensure that voluntary groups are treated fairly by public funders. It provides a forum for members to raise issues and share information which is of mutual interest. The Chief Officer and Chair of FLVC sit on the Compact with other voluntary sector members and meet with the Chief Executive and Leader of the County Council and a senior manager from the Health Board. The FLVC Chief Officer is the main contact.

FLVC Forums and Networks

FLVC services and convenes a number of forums and networks which give voluntary and community organisations the opportunity to share their experience, ideas and concerns and to feed into consultations and service planning processes. Voluntary sector representatives who sit on partnerships and planning groups can feed back to the wider sector and listen to their comments.

Wellbeing Network  

This network is open to both statutory and voluntary groups who provide health and social care services and activities predominantly for adults. FLVC distributes information through an e-group on a weekly basis, produces a newsletter and convenes the Wellbeing Network meetings four times each year. The Well Being Manager is the key contact for this area of work.

Volunteer Managers Network

This forum focuses mainly on mutual support and promoting good practice. It gives those people responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers an opportunity to get together and share their experience, ideas and issues. Learning and support needs can be picked up and new trends in volunteering identified. Feedback is provided from regional and national meetings and local concerns, ideas and good practice can be identified and raised in other forums. The Volunteer Centre Manager is the key contact for this area of work.