North East Wales Wellbeing Network e-bulletin (Contributor) Privacy Notice

It is considered that a person asking the North East Wales Wellbeing Team to share information on their behalf can reasonably expect their personal information to be shared on the Daily Digest e-bulletin. That request can be made by written, electronic or oral statement. The following information is provided for clarity about how that information will be used.

The North East Wales Wellbeing Network e-bulletin is now included in the Fornightly Ebulletin, an email newsletter that is sent to anyone who signs up to receive the e-bulletins.

The purpose of the e-bulletin is to share information relevant to third sector organisations, employees, volunteers and service users, working in health, social care and wellbeing in Flintshire and Wrexham. This information can include:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Consultation opportunities
  • Events in the area
  • Information about new organisations, projects, services and activities

If you would like to share information through the e-bulletin to our subscribers, please send it to¬†[email protected]

Some of the information shared will already be in the public domain, from sources such as websites, e-bulletins, newsletters, newspapers, or noticeboards.

Your information

The information you provide is at your discretion: we will only share what you ask.

How information about you will be used

The information you provide will be:

  • Held by FLVC and AVOW through the MailChimp system
  • Sent to our subscribers by email
  • Displayed in our e-bulletin archive
  • Linked to from our Facebook and Twitter accounts

Subscribers may also forward the e-bulletin to colleagues and service users.

MailChimp has no direct relationship with our subscribers. Please see the MailChimp Privacy Policy for further information.

Access to your information and correction

If you need any further information please contact¬†[email protected]