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Volunteering opportunities


Generic Volunteering

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Volunteering Opportunities at FLVC

FLVC is a voluntary organisation that connects voluntary, community groups and activities in Flintshire.

FLVC works in Flintshire to provide advice, support, resources and training to the voluntary and community sector in Flintshire. This is achieved through designated projects and departments. Volunteering opportunities exist in a number of these departments and include the following:





Step Up Step Out (additional support to enable individuals to volunteer)

Peer support


How to get involved

Please contact FLVC to express your interest via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter. You can always come into the main reception desk and ask for an FLVC Registration Form or download the form: Volunteer registration form (English).

Once you fill the registration form in please return it to FLVC together with your Equal Opportunities Form.

We will then arrange an informal chat which will detail the placement and your potential suitability, you will also be able to ask questions in relation to the role to find out if the role meets your expectations. Once an offer of a placement is made your two references will be contacted.

If a DBS Check is required for the role then that will be completed before the volunteer placement starts.

Full training will be given in all aspects of the role and you will be required to attend a 2 day induction programme which offers an OCN accreditation. This training covers the basics of health and safety, risk assessment, safeguarding, appropriate boundaries, support and supervision and equal opportunities. 

For all queries please contact the Volunteer Centre on 01352 744000 or email [email protected]

FLVC is committed to providing an environment where volunteers are valued and appreciated in every way. We offer ongoing training and development, provide references upon request and reimburse out of pocket expenses. Please see below for details of our volunteer Charter:

The FLVC Volunteer Charter

 FLVC recognises the rights of volunteers to:

  • Know what is (and what is not) expected of them
  • Have adequate support in their volunteering role
  • Receive recognition
  • Have safe working conditions
  • Be insured
  • Know their rights and responsibilities if something goes wrong
  • Receive appropriate training
  • Be free from discrimination
  • Be offered the opportunity for personal development

 FLVC expects volunteers to:

  • Be reliable
  • Be honest
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Make the most of training and support opportunities
  • Carry out tasks in a way that reflects the aims and values of FLVC
  • Work within agreed guidelines
  • Ensure that any vehicle you use in connection with your volunteer placement is correctly insured for “Business Use” and you have a current MOT, if necessary.
  • Respect the work of FLVC and not bring the organisation into disrepute
  • Comply with FLVC’s policies.

What our volunteers say….

“While volunteering in this transitional period, something just clicked. I suddenly started to care about getting up, getting dressed etc. Volunteering gave me a focus and a purpose. Social inclusion to me is the single biggest factor in mental health recovery. I also enrolled on a course to do level 2 Counselling which I completed. I enjoyed the social aspect of doing a course as well. Through this process I’ve got to the stage where I’m quite happy to talk about mental illness.”

"When I get home after volunteering I feel like I have achieved something and not wasted my day, it feels good to be out learning new things on all types of subjects in all types of weather. I always look forward to the next session and meeting up with great people who like to help others and improve our surroundings in all types of ways.’’

“I have met people and stayed in touch. Volunteering gave me the confidence to move on and explore other opportunities. I am now volunteering and working part-time, and hoping to move onto full-time employment.”